Combination Mower Conditioners

Massey Ferguson

Front Mounted MF DM1330 with 3.0m working width.

Cutter bar is mounted at the outermost points on the sturdy support frame · Optimum adaptation to the ground contours · Gentle on the turf · Optimum visibility from the tractor seat · No twisting of the cutter bar The overhead frame allows the mower unit a large freedom of movement · Large freedom of movement 26,4° Front attachment provides extremely easy pulling, “Pulling is easier than pushing“ · Soil conserving · Fuel saving The integrated hydraulic cylinder in combination with the front hydraulics provide a long vertical travel range · Vertical travel range: 430 mm s · Complete stroke distance: 560 mm Parallel adaptation of the mower unit to surface unevenness · No plunging into the ground Optimally located spring parallelogram · Minimal spring contraction during oscillating movement of the mower unit · Ground pressure is only marginally higher Mower unit can be shifted sideways for use on slopes · Mechanical (standard): 10 cm s · Hydraulic (optional): 20 cm variable to the left and right Mower unit can be operated at headlands by means of single acting control unit.

Rear Mounted Butterfly MF DM1397 with 8.30m cutting width

Mower units are mounted at the centre of gravity · Adapts very well to the ground contour · Reduced load on the tractor lift arms Trailed mower, “Pulling is easier than pushing“ · Soil conserving · Fuel saving Hydro-pneumatic suspension system - Turbolift system (TL-System) Constant, continuously variable ground surface pressure by means of adjusting wheel (no need for tools!) · Adaptable to a variety of conditions Contact pressure adjustable while driving · Passing of wet areas with low contact pressure is possible · No damage to the sod · No forage contamination Free-floating cutting · Gentle on the turf · Reduced forage contamination (lower raw trash content in the basic forage) “Safety Swing“ anti-collision device · Each mower unit avoids obstructions independently from the other units · Mower unit diverts backwards and upwards · Re-engagement into working position through its own weight OPTIONAL— ISOBUS control; · For simple control of the mower. · Allows programming of headland management inc front mower


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