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Reiter Merger

Lift instead of sweep!

The range of Respiro mergers, or ‘belt rakes’ are designed for the ultimate in forage quality and harvest efficiency. With working widths on offer between 3m and 9m there is a Respiro to suit almost all New Zealand’s undulating conditions.The Respiro’s elastic pick-up means you are limiting harsh ground contact while still being able to move with the terrain. This results in cleaner crops with minimal leaf loss or damage, and this is all achieved at higher speeds than a traditional rake.If you have are looking to cover more ground, have better quality forage or you just need a more consistent windrow to put in front of your forager then you’ve found your answer!

*Respiro elastic pickup

*Respiro trailing tines

Cleanest forage

noticeable reduction of impurities of all kinds = best basic feed quality

Least losses

less leaf losses improve protein content, very little wear

Better Windrows

More consistent windrows perfectly suit high consumption forage harvesters

For all conditions

ideally suited for difficult operating conditions

High performance and flexibility

fluffy swaths, no entanglement, high working speed, full flexibility in working width, swath forming left and right possible

Animal Health

better fodder keeps animals healthy, less worries, more success

Further economic success factors

:• higher added value in the silo and livestock• less wear reduces repair costs• lower harvest costs• higher protein content• one machine for all harvesting systems• less damage to harvesters due to stones, etc.

To find out more visit Reiters homepage


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